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Arcade/Buddy Booths

We have the most technologically advanced video system available today from VIDEOTEL. By using their digital technology, our 19 video booths can show 100 different movies at the same time. You can step through each channel, both up or down, and fast-forward or replay any movie at any time, even if others are watching the same movie.

While watching a main movie on a 20” flat screen a small quad screen located just to the right scrolls through the entire video selection four movies at a time. If you see a scene of interest on the quad screen, you simply push the corresponding button and instantly the movie selected appears on the main screen.

Each booth has its own volume control which allows you to set the audio level to suit your comfort level. Our booths take $1, $5, or $10 bills which give you all of the features of the system at six (6) full minutes per dollar. And unlike our competitor, all of our video booths work and do not steal your money. Try asking for a refund from a non-working booth at their store; good luck with that!

Buddy booths are so named because you and a buddy in the adjoining booth can watch a movie together. Buddy booths have a translucent glass between them. If occupants of both booths push a button, the glass becomes clear allowing you to see each other. Either party can turn off the glass if he, or she, so chooses by pushing the button. Locks on the doors allow complete safety and privacy.